What Customers are Saying

"This is awesome! I've tried towels like this in the past and they always slip off and feel bulky. This one stays perfectly in place. It normally takes me about 20 minutes to blow dry my hair (I have A LOT). This morning it only took 10. YAY!"
-Maria, Texas

"I was pleasantly surprised by the great packaging and little tips that the seller included with the towel. I have long thick hair and this towel keeps my hair out of the way while I get ready in the morning. Usually microfiber towels cause my curly hair to fizz but it seems that the waffle pattern on the towel doesn't latch on to my hair like other microfiber towels. I need to purchase extras for house guests. This will be included in my welcome basket."
-Amanda, Florida

"This hair towel turban is well made of a quality material. The size is generous for my just above shoulder length hair, but would accommodate a longer length. It is easy to place the loop around the button and it remains in place. The weight and type of material works to draw out excess water and lessen drying time. I always press out water with a bath towel before using a turban and that allows it to work more efficiently. LA ARONET hair turban does indeed look elegant and it comes boxed very nicely. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. It would make a very lovely and useful gift for a friend."
-Rose, California

"Using this towel is such a treat. I have long, thick and naturally curly hair that takes forever to dry. The microfiber of LA ARONET is amazing...with a simple wrap and twist, it instantly wicks away excess moisture. Unlike conventional cotton bath towels, there's no need to rub or use friction, which can leave my hair brittle and frizzy. It easily holds all of my hair, and the loop and button keep the towel in place. In the time it takes to put the kettle on for tea, my hair is ready to style. My morning routine just got a whole lot easier!"
-Cathy, New York

"Super great and useful! Fit all my long thick hair no problem. Felt secure on my head and I really enjoy the quality of the pretty gold button and gold trim loop system. This fabric is waaay better than the old style fluffy fabric ones I used to use. It seems to soak up more water in less time and tames my frizz. I found I could use less product and less heat to style my hair. The turban towel itself also drys quickly after use with no odor. I love the look and feel when wearing this towel. It looks nice near my shower and is a beautiful and time saving addition to my daily routine."
-Amy, Arizona

"I use this every morning for my hair, it is simple to do and it makes my curls bigger and better! I love that I don't have to worry about it breaking my hair with the weight of a towel and I don't have to use two towels or stand cold, plus a bonus of I can feel like I'm at the spa for my morning routine daily! A must buy!"
-Cindy, Washington

"I really love this towel. I have curly hair. I must often moisturize my hair with a cream or lotion IMMEDIATELY after washing to avoid my hair from drying out quickly. This towel actually retained moisture in my hair to the extent that I still had soft hair even TWO DAYS after washing my hair. WITHOUT my applying moisturizer. I was very surprised! I highly recommend the product to anyone but especially to fellow curly haired individuals or at least those who typically utilize a moisturizer in their hair. Additionally, it was so comfortable to wear that I literally almost walked out of the house with it still on my head because I forgot that I had it on! Other towels are either bulky or their fabric is not well made."
-Megan, Georgia